Child Care services at first

Nursery and Child Care is provided EVERY Sunday during all three services.

When you drop off your little one please be sure to check in with our nursery care providers. They need to know if you would like to have your child join you for communion and any other special needs. 

Please remember that our Childcare Workers are available for our children age 5 and under. 


Children 5 and older are welcome to join our Preschool Sunday School class downstairs or join their family in service. This allows our Childcare Workers to focus on the safety and care of our babies and toddlers. Thank you!

If you would like to bring your child to worship, we have Busy Bags available at every service!

Busy Bags are a resource for you and your families, as you attend church with your young children. The Busy Bags are found in the back of the church, in a red wagon, and have been created for your use, to provide activities while attending any service on Sunday mornings. The Busy Bags are labeled with age ranges, Under 3, 3-5 years old, 5-7 years old and 7-9 years old, with appropriate activities for your children, to keep them “busy” and occupied, during a service, with small books, coloring activities, small toys, etc. After use, please place any bags in the “Monkey Box”, a box next to the wagon, rather than placing the bags back in the wagon. Busy Bag Ministry volunteers will sanitize items in the used bags, and replace any consumable items before placing the bags back in the wagon for use the following Sunday. At the 9:30 service, you are welcome to pick up a bag before the service, for your child’s use, when they arrive from Sunday School, to join you for communion and the end of the service. We hope the Busy Bags will be helpful to our families with young children.