Sunday Morning Adult Seminar

January - May 2022

Hungering for Justice: A Look at the ELCA Social Statement

Lead by Susan Bolduc

January 9 – February 6

9:30 a.m., Fireside Room

What does economic life have to do with our faith? Just economic policies can promote God’s purposes for the common good and the flourishing and wellbeing of all His creation. On the other hand, unjust economic policies jeopardize the human community, causing poverty, hunger, lack of access to housing, healthcare, and education. As Christians, we face difficult and complex trade-offs in the tension between faith and economic realities.

Come join us for a discussion about these issues as we look at economic life through scripture, the teachings of Martin Luther, and the ELCA. We will take a fresh look at economic life through the lens of our faith and God’s command to love our neighbor.

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Strengthening Couple and Family Relationships

Lead by David Fenell

February 13 – February 27

9:30 a.m., Fireside Room

Van Gogh: Art and Life

Lead by Michaela Eskew

March 6 – April 10

9:30 a.m., Fireside Room

Interfaith Conversations with the Colorado Springs Interfaith Coalition

Lead by Pastor Ralph Anderson and the Interfaith Coalition

April 24 – May 15

9:30 a.m., Fireside Room

The Rise of a Reformation: The Book of Concord

Lead by Michaela Eskew

May 22 & 29

9:30 a.m., Fireside Room

A Place to talk

Join Pastor Hank and Dr. Fennell weekly on Thursday's at 10 a.m. for continuing conversation on issues related to the pandemic and growing older gracefully. 

Bible Study Podcast


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July 12 2020 - "How did we get here?" A look at current events, important terms, and the ELCA's "Freed in Christ, Race and Ethnicity" Social Statement. You can find the slides here.

July 19 2020 - "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" Understanding Identity Development in Kids, Teens, and Adults. You can find the slides here.

July 26 2020 - "What about Latinx and Other People of Color?" A Discussion on Race Relations in General in America. You can find the slides here.

August 2 2020 - "How does one even become 'anti-racist'?" Signs of Hope and Steps to Move Forward. You can find the slides here.

September 2020 - "Embracing The Prophets in Contemporary Culture" with Walter Brueggemann - Lead by Susan Bolduc