Sunday Morning Adult Seminar

Present over Perfect: A book and study by Shauna Niequist

Led by Pastor Carrie Baylis

February 26 – April 2

9:30 – 10:30 a.m. in the Peel House Parlor

This year during Lent we will be focusing on how it is that we honor the Sabbath. Sabbath rest and likely Lenten disciplines look different for each of us. I invite you to explore this book with me, seeking to find paths away from frantic pushing and proving, the pressure to perform and produce more all while maintaining an image of perfection. Let’s remember that God wants us to live as our whole selves created in God’s image and delight in the rest of the sabbath (whatever that might look like for you) and remember that lives soaked with grace, rest, silence, simplicity and connection with others in all a part of the plan for our wholeness and experience of God’s love.

Come and join us for one or all of these sessions. We’ll be using a video series and study guide that accompanies the book. It would likely help you to fully immerse in this study to read the book, but is not necessary or required. If you would like a book, they are $12 and available at the Welcome Center.

Adult Education


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