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Basic Training at First

B.A.S.I.C. Training is First Lutheran's process for helping people create a strong foundation in the Christian faith. It's for people exploring the faith, for new believers and for anyone who wants to get back to basics. BASIC stands for Bible, Adoration, Salvation, Imitation and Church/Call. We believe that these things are key components of the Christian faith that everyone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus needs to understand.

B.A.S.I.C. Overview


What is the Bible? Why do we read it? What's in it? How can something so old still be relevant to my life? Is the Bible trustworthy? These are important questions that will be answered through seven 20-30 minute videos taught by our Minister of Faith formation, Michaela Eskew and our Senior Pastor, Travis Norton.

The best way to grow in your understanding of the Bible is to read it. There are many fantastic Bible reading plans online. We like the Book of Faith plan.


How can we have a relationship with God? How do we pray? Does God speak to us? How can we know what God is saying? What does it mean to Worship? How do I deepen my spiritual life? Adoration is about a relationship of loving God.


How can I be saved? Who is God? Why did Jesus die? What is the meaning of life? Is there a heaven?


The goal of the Christian life is to become like Jesus. A disciple is someone who learns from Jesus and imitates his way of life.


Do you ever wonder why we need organized religion? Why can't I just live my faith by myself? Why did Jesus establish a church and what is my part in it?

BASIC Sessions