Aspen groups

Aspen Groups are what we call our small group ministry at First Lutheran. They are groups of 7-16 people who meet throughout the week, usually in homes, to discuss the sermon, share their highs and lows and pray for each other. Most groups meet twice a month, though some meet weekly. The goal of these groups is that people would find connection with each other and grow together in their Christian faith.

These groups are head and heart groups. During a typical group discussion you’ll share your response to the sermon, how it affected you and discuss the scripture passage it was based on. That’s the head part, as we learn from each other. Then you’ll be asked to share the best and worst thing you experienced since you met last time. This is the heart part, an opportunity for the group to really share their lives with each other. Finally you’ll pray, speaking with God about what you’ve discussed, praising him for the highs and asking for him to be with you in the lows of life.

In an Aspen group you’ll experience spirited discussion where opposing viewpoints are welcomed. You’ll also experience tears and laughter as you share life and support one another. We chose the name “Aspen” after the tree that thrives in Colorado. Many don’t know that Aspens grow in groves which have an interconnected root system. They are not singular trees, but inextricably connected to each other. We want our groups to be like that. Small groups connected to a larger congregation. Individuals connected to a group. This life is meant to be lived in community.

Consider joining a group. Aspen groups launch twice a year, winter and fall. 

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"I am so blessed (to have been “brave” enough) to become a member of an Aspen Group.  I have grown and learned and met wonderful people whom I might not have known otherwise. 

My Aspen Group prayed for my husband (and me) every time we met and being supported by their prayers certainly kept me going.  On the day of my husband’s funeral, I was completely overwhelmed when nearly every member of my group was present in the Worship Center to support me and my family.  These dear friends, because that is what they have become, took time out of their day, time away from their families and activities to once again hold me up and walk beside me during a very difficult time.

I can never thank my Aspen Group enough but I can pay this humbling experience forward and encourage other members of our congregation to join an Aspen Group.   My Aspen Group is a truly wonderful community of individuals who came together to grow and strengthen our faith and in the process formed strong connections that go beyond the walls of the home where we gather." 

- Colleen

I decided to join an Aspen Group for several grow in my faith and develop a stronger relationship with God, meet more members of our church, and (to be honest) get a couple hours away from the house (I'm a stay-at-home mom of 2 kids...ages 5 and 1). The Aspen Group time was wonderful! Our leader, Victoria, did an amazing job helping us focus and dive into the message and Scripture. I developed friendships with the fellow members, getting comfortable enough to share my opinions and highs and lows. It's nice to see a dozen more familiar faces at church each week! I also plan on continuing my Bible study time outside of the Aspen Group meetings. Such a rewarding experience...I plan on joining again next Fall!

- Kristin H.

What are Aspen groups?